Mobile Pages with AMP

Today marks the first day that AMP is enabled on all articles on the site. This feature will allow the pages on this website to appear in the Google Discover feed and new app and should greatly improve performance of the website on mobile devices.

As a continuation of the article, Optimizing the Site, the Google mobile optimization tool known as AMP was installed to help increase performance of the website on the limited shared hosting resources that are available right now due to budgetary constraints.

In order to accomplish this, the community version of wbAMP was installed in Joomla. This plugin generates an AMP mobile page for everything on the website. Unfortunately, all articles have to meet strict metadata specifications. This involves adding special size image thumbnails for all pages on the website and adding additional metadata tags using tags such as the following.

{ wbamp-meta name="image" url="images/elbertv2_2.jpg" height="1200" width="1200" }
Doing all this yielded a solid mobile webpage that performs great!


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